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Computing is everywhere: Where are you?

Gatehouse IoT

The Internet knows it all – that’s where we are at the moment, thanks to the massive grid of Interconnected devices we use (and those we will).

But guess where we’ll be in the future? The Internet will “do it all” too.

So there are apps that tell us how overweight we are, our calorific intake, and there are those that also push us to fall down to the floor and do pushups.Then there are washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, cars, and many other machines that connect with each other.

As such, the Internet of things is pushing us towards singularity, as Daniel Newman of Huffington Post puts it.

Daniel believes that this affects each of us, no matter how much of a piece of Sci-fi movie it might sound like.

But I am not talking about how artificial intelligence is going to take over your life.
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