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What does Audi and Gatehouse have to do with IoT?

What does Audi and Gatehouse have to do with IoT?

I am on the advisory board of GateHouse – an advanced specialty software solutions company that deals with mission critical operations ranging from industry to military, from optimizing and maximizing machinery to satellite communication.

I am thrilled to be on their board because I am all kicked up at the junction of business and technology, where Gatehouse plays. It’s at this intersection that the future lays. Future is exactly where I want to be.

And why am I so excited, you ask?
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eBook – My 5 Best Outsourcing Hacks

outsourcing, advise, hacks

In the past decade, I have been working with outsourcing, and try to summarize my experience into this eBook and 5 Outsourcing Hacks that you can benefit from.

If you are considering outsourcing the chapters “BMW Sources to 4 Continents: Why Can’t You?” and “4 Things Your Competitor Can Teach You About Outsourcing” will inspire you.

And for seasoned outsourcers there are tips and tricks to get more efficiency out of the engagement in chapters like “4 Reasons Why Outsourcing is Terrible for Your Company” and “4 Important Tips to Manage a Globally Diverse Team” .

Are you interested in reading it..? Download it HERE.


Happy Sourcing – and I hope you will enjoy reading the eBook…!


Why Do Clever People Make Stupid Decisions?

Why Do Clever People Make Stupid Decisions

Really smart people often do dumb things, make boneheaded moves, and sometimes seem lost where simple common sense would suffice.

People buy high and sell low. They believe their horoscope. They figure it can’t happen to them. They bet it all on black because black is due. They supersize their fries and order the diet Coke. They talk on a cellphone while driving. They throw good money after bad. They bet that a financial bubble will never burst.

Professor Keith Stanovich even coined a name for it: dysrationalia.

In all my years of experience, I’ve met a lot of talented people. I’ve hobnobbed with entrepreneurs and made acquaintance with their big dreams — they do have big ambitions to conquer the big world out there.

They are busy building their next ‘big thing’.
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Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 7.58.38 am

4 Reasons Why Outsourcing is Terrible For Your Company

Is it easy to ship work overseas? Does outsourcing really work? Is outsourcing really the answer to rising costs of doing business? Is it our window of opportunity to plug into the vast pool of talent off the human cloud globally?

Rebekah Campbell details her experiences with outsourcing on NY Times. She takes us through a journey detailing her hits and misses with outsourcing, her struggles to plumb deep into the benefits of outsourcing. She quickly learns that while outsourcing to foreign companies can be a huge cost saver, it can quickly turn catastrophic if you don’t handle it right.

Most businesses don’t handle it right. In a way, it’s terrible for your business. Here’s how: læs mere…

4 Things your competitors can teach you about outsourcing

4 Things your Competitor can teach you about Outsourcing

“You don’t see the world as it is, but as you are” rightly says the magnet attached to my fridge door. The world takes shape according to our perception and the same goes for our perspective towards your business competitors. We could take them as threat and waste our precious energy fretting over them or be inspired by their success and incorporate their methods into our own business style.

They say No idea is original as everything stems from something else. The only way to hit the right chord is to realise the subtle difference between imitating and being inspired. New Year should always start with something fresh and new in life. So this January, you could observe and learn how your competitor is taking advantage of outsourcing.

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Der er ikke nogen rigtig outsourcing lokation!

Hvad! Jamen vi bruger mange kræfter på at vælge hvilken lokation, vi skal outsource til. Transporttid, tidsforskel, universiteter i området, politisk stabilitet osv.

Vrøvl, siger Morten Munk, partner i Mafcon. Valg af lokation er ingen garanti for, at du får succes med din outsourcing.

Hør Morten forklare hvorfor her:

Outsourcing er ikke for alle!

outsourcing er ikke for alle!

Mange af verdens dygtigste software firmaer arbejder i dag med fjerne, distribuerede udviklingsmiljøer. Nøglen til at arbejde med et offshore team er at finde en partner som ikke kun er teknisk kompetent, men som også kan tilføje værdi. En “body shop” med udviklere som hakker løs på dine krav specifikationer er værdiløs. Du sparer måske lidt kroner, men det gavner ikke din udvikling.

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outsourcing infographic kpmg analyse

Undersøgelse af brug af outsourcing – Infographic

KPMG har foretaget en omfattende analyse omkring brugen af IT-outsourcing. Se resultaterne i denne infographic:

Derfor får SMB-virksomheder mere ud af outsourcing..!

Outsourcing af softwareudvikling er ikke noget nyt, og store virksomheder som Danske Bank, Nordea, KMD og NNIT har gjort det i årevis. Vel-eksekverede outsourcing opgaver i stor skala har resulteret i profitable set-ups.

Hvor den primære grund for de store virksomheder har været at spare penge, så kan små- og mellemstore virksomheder (SMB) få endnu mere ud af outsourcing end bare omkostningsbesparelser.

effektiv outsourcing offshore

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"Globalization has changed us into a company that searches the world, not just to sell or to source, but to find intellectual capital - the world's best talents and greatest ideas." – Jack Welch

Globalisering er mere end outsourcing

Tecpoint Delta outsourcing softwaretest

Tecpoint på toppen!

Dejlig dag hvor Kalpavruksh og Software-Pro var vært for Tecpoints outsourcing og software test netværksgrupper. Super spændende og kompetente indlæg om outsourcing og test  fra KMD, Nets og Pension Danmark. læs mere…

fokus på omkostninger - outsourcing

Hvorfor benytte outsourcing..?

Ifølge A.T. Kearnys analyse er der 3 hovedgrunde til at outsourcing benyttes:
(1) Reducer omkostninger
(2) Opbyg kompetencer
(3) Forøg omsætningen

Se fordelingen og flere detaljer i denne outsourcing infographic.

Hvorfor benytte outsourcing..? | Infographics
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